Zoning, Planning, & Appeals

The Village Zoning Board handles planning for the use of land in our village. This includes restrictions in different zoning areas, such as height of buildings, use of green space, density (number of structures in a certain area), use of lots and types of businesses, and the preservation of historical areas and buildings. But it is not only concerned with the division of the Village into districts and the regulation of the structural and architectural designs of buildings within each district. It also considers future growth and development, adequacy of drainage and storm sewers, public streets, pedestrian walkways, density of population, and many other factors. Levels or types of zoning include: open space, residential, retail, commercial, agricultural, and industrial.

The Planning Board handles applications for subdivisions of land and building approvals under our zoning laws. It studies and votes on applications for site plan review, on special use permits and subdivisions, and participates in official map changes and zone changes, as well as the adoption and changes to the zoning ordinance and zoning map.

The Zoning Board of Appeals hears appeals, requests for interpretations, and dimensional (i.e., restrictions governing setbacks or frontage, height, bulk or density) and use variances to existing zoning laws. A variance is permission from the Zoning Board of Appeals to allow a deviation from the code or ordinance as it pertains to zoning matters - in other words, to bypass a law, code or ordinance you require permission from the Zoning Board of Appeals.